About Us

Every Integral Retail team member is first a retailer and secondly a consultant. To qualify as a consultant with Integral Retail you must first have a minimum of three years retail management experience, have a passion for the retail industry and most importantly be driven by the opportunity to work with your retail colleagues in building our clients business and our candidate’s careers.

All Integral team members are already world class retailers with best practice knowledge of retail operations, human resources and business management. Upon joining Integral all consultants undergo an extensive and accredited consultant training program ensuring they are completely up to date with all legislations, guideline and best practice human resource processes. Our consultants have one goal: to get great people great jobs

In an ever depersonalising world where companies prefer you to interact with a computer rather than a person Integral Retail prides itself on ensuring we not only maintain but develop our personal approach to what is the most personal of industries. The retail industry is a high pressure, fast paced unforgiving beast that rewards hard work ,dedication and skill and punishes the lazy and ignorant. Our people are not only passionate about succeeding in this industry but are passionate about helping you,our clients, and our candidates thrive in our industry. We endeavour to create a positive impression of the client, whether they take employment with them of not.